Never before has the threat of terrorism been so prevalent, and busy public spaces are the main target. City streets, transport hubs and places of sport and entertainment have been forced to react to this terror threat, changing everyday life forever. Keeping the public safe is crucial, communicating in real time during emergencies is vital. And the easy disposal of litter where there’s a great public desire to do so responsibly is key for the environment and to save on clean up operations that cost major locations in the UK millions.

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Solving problems in public spaces. With the threat of terrorism ever increasing, the ability to communicate in real time during a crisis is essential. And with a responsibility to respect the environment being a fundamental duty, busy public areas are faced with many challenges.
Designed by Curventa and engineered to save lives, Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins provide answers to all of the above.

Ideal locations for the Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins include city centres, shopping malls, sports stadiums, theme parks, airports, train stations and bus terminals.

And with a no cost option available, Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins are the only sensible choice where public safety, communication and environmental issues are concerned.

With public safety uppermost in its concept, Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins possess:

  • The ability to contain the blast of a terrorist’s bomb and eliminate its potential devastation.
  • A dynamic means to communicate in real-time with the public, including at times of emergency.
  • A practical recycling options to meet the public expectations and keep the environment clean.

Elonex digital blast-resistant bins are here, they are available now and featuring many
public space must-have capabilities that can come with absolutely no cost attached.yellow-corners

Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins are built with state of the art blast resistant technology, which has the ability to contain a bomb and eliminate its potential devastation. Shockingly, a terrorist bomb concealed in a traditional public bin is a more efficient bomb. This is due to fragmentation, and therefore a bomb’s blast from within a traditional bin massively increased the risk of serious injury to those in a wide vicinity. The bins are designed and tested to provide the ultimate in ballistic and fragmentation protection, and in turn, reduce the risk of terror attacks by delivering safety and security in busy public spaces.

In an emergency situation, the ability to communicate directly with those in danger is crucial in avoiding panic, safely evacuating busy areas and ultimately in saving lives. As events in a crisis can change by the minute, communication delivery must be in real time. Fitted with digital screens, Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins enable emergency services to broadcast up to the minute and vital public safety messages , all from one central control system. During times of non-emergency, the digital screens fitted to the bins can convey general public messaging from host locations and deliver advertising from third parties.

A practical solution to littering. The threat of terrorism has seen the removal of traditional bins from many publics for fear of explosive devices being hidden inside them. Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins deliver a practical solutions to this problem by eradicating assistance to a terrorist and providing an environmentally sound means of waste disposal. Beyond the blast resistant technology and communication innovation, Elonex digital blast-resistant recycling bins are a simple, safe and in demand recycling system.



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